Tuesday, October 15, 2013

11 Fem!Doctor Cosplay :) HALLOWEEEEEN

Oh yes.

It's that time of the year again.


Normally I wouldn't be so excited (I almost never dress up), but this year I am on a mission.

Ignore my stupid face :)
Oh yes. The 11th Doctor Cosplay. I was thinking about 10, but my friend Ryan is doing that! So, if you're also thinking of doing a cosplay (for Halloween or otherwise), here's a list of stuff you'll need:

  • Bow tie (red/blue): I made mine in under an hour using red cloth and a sewing machine. An absolute must.
  • Suspenders (red/blue/black): Again, I made mine using red cloth and a sewing machine, but you can buy them or make them out of elastic. It looks really nice if the colour of your suspenders and your bow tie match :)
  • Linen shirt: There is a lot of freedom with this one. A general rule of thumb is to have the shirt a lighter colour than the one of your bow tie (i.e. a red bow tie with a light pink shirt, or a blue bow tie with a light blue shirt). If, like me, you don't have any of those, just use a white shirt. The one I'm wearing in the picture might not be the one I use, but I don't know yet.
  • Bottoms: Also a lot of freedom. I would say black is definitely the best way to go. You can wear long pants like the Doctor, shorts, or a skirt. You can't see, but I'm wearing a simple black skirt that my shirt is tucked into.
  • Shoes: If you can, wear black lace up boots. If you don't have those, flats, heels, whatever would work as well.
  • Coat (optional): The Doctor wears a beige-y tweed jacket with elbow patches. I don't have one, so I'm skipping on it. From what I've heard, they're super expensive to get, so yeah.
  • Fez (optional): I didn't have one, but if you have one, great!
  • Sonic screwdriver (optional): This one is definitely a nice thing to have. Sadly, I don't get mine until Christmas. Also try and get 11's sonic if possible (the one with the retractor claws).
  • Psychic paper (optional): I might whip one up if I have time, but 11 doesn't seem to use it as much as the past Doctors.
Oh yeah: I'm also wearing black tights (the pantyhose kind), cause the skirt's a bit short. Good to consider if it's cold as well :)


I'll post more photos later!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Digital Artsy Fartsy!


I haven't posted in almost two months! That's insane.

Well. Watching Season 7 of DW currently, AMAZING YES. 

America has shut down.
Harry Potter has returned.
Sherlock is still waiting (also starting to watch this!)

It has been a busy two months, evidently.

I have been lazy and I haven't done much physical art lately, but I have been working on a bunch of digital art:

All of these can be found at my new tumblr! (petrichorpages.tumblr.com) [shameless self-promotion, I know]

Schoolwork, is, as usual, beating me up, and I am taking it like a little girl.

Until next time...!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things Things Things

Where to start?

I started a vlog on YouTube! I'll be posting a new video about every week or so, I hope.

Here's my first! 

Yesterday I did a colour pencil drawing of Karen Gillan [Amy Pond] in one of her pictures for her Radio Times photo shoot. 

I was SUPER excited to find that Peter Capaldi was selected to play the 12th Doctor. He is an awesome actor and I'm sure he'll do a brilliant job.

And today, for the main story. Today I started working at my school's registrar office [paid!]. I'm going to be working there for a week, about six hours a day, so hopefully I'll earn around $176, which will go to buying my beautiful camera I have selected, the Nikon Coolpix S5200:

It's beautiful!

I'm also hoping to have enough money to buy myself 11's sonic screwdriver from the Doctor Who AUS shop [free shipping, woohoo!], which costs AUS $30.

The job at the school is making 800 welcome packets for the entire school population, and all sorts of different papers and labels have to go on them to make sure they get delivered to the right place. Our school's under construction right now, so it's HOT. And things are moved all over the place! 

It's August, which means LAST STAND OF DEAD MEN! I'm getting a copy for my birthday, which is on the 2nd of September! Sadly, my dad is leaving London the day of Derek's signing [30th August], but I'm sure I'll get to meet Derek when he goes down under!

Are any of you going to the signings?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

River Song's TARDIS Diary! + How To!

Hello! Hello! Hello! 

I'm very excited to present to you my newest project: River Song's TARDIS Journal, as first seen in the episode Silence in the Library!

So here's how I did it:

1. I picked out my journal that my lovely sister bought me as a present. It's a very nice journal; it has 365 pages, one for each day of the year, and it's numbered!

2. I measured it and sewed (yes, I know how to sew!) a book cover made out of a cream coloured fabric that I may have... borrowed from my mother....ehehe....moving on....

3. I used this template here (the white bits are the raised bits) and traced and cut them out on cereal box cardboard. I did the same thing for both front and back, but if you wanted to leave the back blank that would work as well.

4. Next, I stuck down the bits of cardboard using superglue, which I promptly got stuck to nearly all my  fingers. I both hate and love superglue. But I really hate getting it stuck to my fingers. *frustrates*

5. It looks pretty messy at this point, but carry on! Then I pulled out my blue acrylic paint and just completely covered the entire journal. Waited for it to dry, and then presto!

Ready to fill with spoilers! I think I may also stain the pages with tea or coffee to make it look nice and old. If I do, I'll post it!

NOTE: If you have fabric glue, USE IT instead of superglue, it's much better. If you have fabric paint, USE IT instead of acrylics, it's much better. I didn't have any, so I had to make do with what I had.

NOTENOTE: This is one of many ways to make this. I combined different techniques that I saw. You could make it out of entirely felt, entirely cloth, entirely cardboard, or even leather if you have it.

Very nice examples:
  • http://thesconesofblood.blogspot.com/2010/08/river-songs-diary-from-time-of-angels.html
    • This one has absolutely beautiful pages. It's the best I've seen.
  • http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=2514.0
    • Nice step by step.
  • http://www.deviantart.com/art/Tutorial-TARDIS-journal-244238186
    • Tutorial is helpful!

And if you want to skip all of this, buy it here!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vietnam :)

Hello, and hugs from Vietnam! *longer-distance-than-usual-hugs*

I've been doing SO much stuff, blegh! Eating way too much food... oh my golden god. And it's hot here. *fans self*

Anyways [I've just noticed I use anyways a lot, probably because I have a habit of forgetting what I'm talking about. What was I talking about? Oh yeah.] I've been SUPER excited recently, because of a number of reasons:

  • I bought a wishbone necklace [Daughter of Smoke and Bone fandom!]
  • I bought 6 seasons of Doctor Who for $11.70 [OMFG ISN'T IT SO CHEAP I LOVE VIETNAM]
    • In addition to this, it comes out three or four days before my birthday, and my dad will be in London and he thinks he will be able to get it to me ON THE DAY OF MY BIRTHDAY <3
    • On the downside, he's missing the August 30th signing *cries*
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is coming up!
    • Because of this, Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 has a bunch of Doctor Who stuff in it, and I think my dad will be able to take pictures and stuff! [they have a TARDIS photobooth!!!!] [have I mentioned how much I love my dad?]

SO that's what's going on with me right now. I've probably forgotten something. Oh yeah.


Monday, July 1, 2013


*drags body to laptop*

I'm tired. I hate packing, so when I do things that I hate doing, I either get tired or hungry. Or both.

I'm leaving tomorrow night, so this is definitely my last post from my house, but who knows? Maybe I take some photos and post them during the holidays :) I'll misss yoouu!

Artwork that I did yesterday:

I guess there's meaning behind it. When there's darkness around you, look for the rainbow :)

One thing I wish I could have done is blended the colours better [I used watercolour pencils and a pen] and maybe layered them a bit more. Not my best, I must say.

Anyways, have a good holiday and stay safe!

*drags body to bed and whimpers*

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Video ded!

HellloOOOOooooOOOOooo! :)

This will probably be my last post before I leave for summer :( which means I just won't be on very frequently...but of course I'll be checking up on you guys whenever I have the chance! *hugs* I just won't be able to talk for long amounts of time - depending on whether I have internet where I'm staying.

Anyhows, ehh my video ded! YAY! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo time!

All right kids, it's time for show and tell.

I'll go first.

(sorry, feeling weird) These are some of my favourite photos that I took last year :)

This one I took with a empty jar and some Christmas lights in my room:

This one is a photo of my sister's glass piece thingy (kind of hard to explain):

 Teddy bear. Soft. Nuff said:

And one of my personal favourites, this is in South West Australia. We went there for Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of talking, I don't have much to say. *smiles*

Also, if you want to read some fan fiction, go here: http://howialmostgotmarriedtoatroll.blogspot.com


Friday, June 21, 2013


Err... I've finished my ded from last last last last (?) page, and so you will also find this on the most recent comment page on Derek's blog [kind of intruded on someone's ded, sorry!]

This ded is super late, but I hope you will forgive me. I have so much to say about you guys; I don't know how to say it all! If you haven't already guessed, that page which I got first (and the other time that I forgot to ded) was dedicated to you! *pokes finger at screen* *poke* *poke* MWAHAHA THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!!!! *POKEPOKEPOKEPOKE*

Ahem. Anyways. I'll just get on with it. Oh and I REALLY REALLY hope I didn't forget anyone, I've been trying so hard to make sure I haven't forgotten any one of you! 

First off, LUCI. You were online the night I first commented, exactly 1 month ago. And since then, you have been so amazing to me. Your extraordinary kindness is something that I never expected. Believe it or not, you ARE perfect to me. You are my role model, and my friend, and HEY! *dodges Skittles* SHE'S TRYING TO SHUSH MY FACE WITH SKITTLES! Just kidding *skittleskuttlebughugs* I really hope we meet someday, because that would be AMAZING. 

Fabi. You inspire me. You have helped me and never questioned my weirdness. Even though I am a food freak. I really love food….uh wait I'm getting off topic. I've had so many conversations with you [albeit not as crazy as some of the others that I have witnessed] and they've all made me smile. Thank you again for everything that you have done :) *tightlybigginatsnugglehugs* 

Missy. Did you know that you were the first person to say hi to me? You wrote HELLO DAUGHTEROFMYWORLD! Those exact words stunned me. Someone just said hi to me? I didn't even think people would notice me. Those words encouraged me to say more, and I'm so glad I did, because it was an awesome decision. We will meet one day, with Eld as well, and Snow if she flies over from Tassie. Kay? Good. *yayaussieminionhugs*

Star. When I first 'met' you, you were talking about your homicidal tendencies towards your best friend. That was when I knew you were going to be absolutely fantastic. I hope Google+ isn't bullying you too much, and that you find a new last name that sounds "believable". Psht. What do computers know? They obviously have never read SP…*crazyhugs*

Misti. You were there when I was talking to myself and putting Derek in wedding dresses and running away from trolls. Thank you for encouraging me to create that blog, and also on commenting on my other blog and keeping me motivated. You're amazing. *let'sgetmarriedtoatrollhugs* You're also an awesome writer.

Eld - I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you've done. The little things, like a comment on my blog, or a compliment, have made my day a million times better. Thank you so much, again, for your encouragement. You inspire me to keep trying different things. *webeawesomeartistshugs*

Mara - I've talked to you a lot too, and I was just amazed when I first saw you online. Your presence lifted the entire conversation, with your funny quips and just the overall light that you brought. I've grown very protective of all my fellow Bloglandians, I'll have you know. *snugglehugs*

Jubi - You're so cool. Like actually cool. You make me laugh and smile and you're incredibly crazy, in the most excellent way possible. Every conversation with you is unpredictable and it lifts my mood, all the time. *snugglehugs*

Snow - *airily* Feel free to visit anytime on your rainbow unicorn. I'll be waiting :) *rainbow unicorn Aussie hugs*

Ais - I've also gotten to know you better, YAY! You're always super nice to everyone. Thanks so much *kindnessisawesomehugs*

Trip - *frowns* I do believe we're on different time zones. I don't get to talk to you much. Hm. Must..stay..awake…. Aherm. *hobbitlordhugs*

Duck - Random Fire Hand TAASP. You're cool. And an Aussie. So therefore cool. *taasphugs*

[man there are a lot of Aussieminions!]

Ohhhkay this ded is getting way too long and out of control.

I also ded this to Flora, Val, Em, Adra, NJ, Lav, Zaf, Ieni, Rhy, Melica, Arra, Death, Lynx, Taia, and anyone else I have talked to and have promptly forgotten (sorry!).

Also to SP for bringing us here, and Doctor Who because it's amazing.

And #ChaseForBook9

Also to each of your own fandoms like Sherlock, TMI, etc.


Have I mentioned I'm very fond of you all? *group hugs* Thank you EACH and EVERY one of you.

Could you guys spread the word to everyone else? I'd love everyone who's mentioned here to read it! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Doctor Who Stuff!

Hehe, I've been getting really excited with all this DW art and stuff. In addition to the TARDIS that I did in the last post, I also did these two:

Ah so the top one is Rose, and the eyes are just...eyes. BUT the reason that I made these is to put them into this (click it to enlarge!) :

So there's the three drawings plus three edited photos, and then quotes from the Season 1 Finale, The Parting of the Ways. If you haven't already noticed, I am exactly 8 years and 2 days late in watching it, but I'm catching up! So yep, there you go!

P.S. I love Doctor Who.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I haven't been writing or chatting much, mostly because DW is taking up all my time. Do you know how hard it is to try and catch up on 7 seasons, all while the entire Doctor Who fandom releases spoilers on a daily basis?! Yep, so I just finished the first season. It's been a week since I started, so my pace is not too shabby, I must say. But still, NEED TO WATCH MORE.

Anyways, my sister and I were doing art today, just cause, and I decided to work on some fan art. If you took a look in my sketchbook, you'd mostly see fan art from DOSAB, and a teensy-bit of SP. Since I LOVE Doctor Who, I decided to do some TARDIS fan art.


If you're wondering why it's not blue, it was an attempt to paint a space-like background onto the TARDIS. Eh, it actually turned out better than I expected :) 

Oh and we (my sister and I) just made Oreo cupcakes, I might post some photos of those once I get my hands on them [ssssneaky sisstersss, ssstealing photossss].

Hope you like it! Any feedback would be appreciated!

~ Dau

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Uh, so I'm just going to be talking about a bunch of SP photos. Ahem.

This is a meme I made:

Everyone knows that Caelan is OBVIOUSLY Edward Cullen. The resemblance is uncanny. When I realised it, I laughed like a maniac for an hour. "If you cry, will your mascara run?"

NEXT on today's post is merchandise. Unfortunately for me, I have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS WHATSOEVER to any kind of SP merchandise, which sucks. No posters, no bookmarks, nada. 

But I did design my own SP hoodie. Totally making this for when I meet Derek (I don't know when, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN!)

I also just found out that if you invert the colours of the SP logo, it looks like this:

Cool, right?

And finally, look! A watch! Where can I find this? [my watch broke a month ago, I cried]

I've decided that this summer, I will try to make a bunch of SP merchandise, for when I INEVITABLY meet Derek. It's gonna happen. Someday.

That's it for now. WOOHOO! *snugglehugs reader*

Thursday, June 6, 2013

summer. is. coming.

I just finished my exams. Good Golden Gracious God, that feels so good.

Strangely enough, I don't have much to say. Except that I have had a lot of fun this past week tweeting pictures of Derek in a wedding dress to Derek. (still waiting for him to reply)

Ermmm, and also school ends TUESDAY NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Super excited to be able to spend more time talking to people on MY FIRST LAPTOP WHICH I AM HOPEFULLY GETTING NEXT FRIDAY *knocks on wood* *bangs head against wooden cupboard*

I believe this may be my most boring blog post yet. Here are some random photos and drawings I've been meaning to post:

Skulduggery Stuff:

A terrible sketch of el Skulduggo.
Best. Wallpaper. Ever.
Best. Screensaver. Ever.

My brilliant Photoshop skills.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skulduggery Pleasant

Ok, I lied.

I said I wouldn't post until after exams. But come, on. Exams finish in ONE WHOLE WEEK. What's the harm in posting, right?

Anyways, last time I posted about my obssession for Laini Taylor and her books. Well this time, I am going to introduce a giant part of my life.

My love. My obssession. It's what I breathe. It's the world I live in.

Skulduggery Pleasant.

If you haven't heard of this series, go out right now and buy all 7 books, and pre-order the eighth on Amazon. Go. Do it now.

It is an amazing series, writtten by an AWESOME WICKED COOL AMAZING author, DEREK LANDY, and I pretty much want to live in that world. And I come pretty close. Every since joining Derek's blog, I practically live on the computer. No joke.

I am currently stalking the Golden God as much as I can right now, starting with this stalker sketch!

P.S. If you have any comments about my work, feel free to comment or send me a message and the bottom of the page!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Post Before Exams!

Hello! I am grumpy at the moment because in addition to having a math test TOMORROW, I also have a bunch of final-year exams next week. And we haven't even finished our biology unit yet. Go figure.

But anyways, I am also grumpy because that means my mother I will not let myself procrastinate by doing fun things. Like checking up on Derek Landy's blog. Or drawing fan art from DOSAB and DOBAS or Skulduggery Pleasant. (I am really hoping to do some SP fan art soon, because I'm working on some SP fan-fiction as well!) Or checking up on my pageviews and trying to imagine the life of the person who visited my blog, who, apparently, lives in Mauritius. If you reading this right now, Mauritius-habitant, HI!

So I leave you with this sketch I did a while back, and I hope you enjoy it.  Farewell until after my exams, and good luck to anyone who is also taking them! :)

P.S. If anyone has any comments or suggestions about my art, please feel free to comment!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Laini Taylor and Her Ultimate Awesomeness

I decided that a post was necessary, even though I just posted a couple of days ago. This post is NECESSARY because there are TWO amazing books out there that more people should read. Not kidding. Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight. And soon, Dreams of Gods and Monsters. All of this created by a person I revere as a god (Laini Taylor, if you ever read this, I'm not as creepy as I sound. Just an average teenage girl obsessing over awesome things, like your books) :).
After reading both of Laini Taylor's books, I found a passion for creating artwork based on the novel. Pictured above is the protagonist, Karou, and one of my favourite quotes from the book (despite being said by a creepy rejected angel thing that takes eternal piggy-backs). GREAT BOOK!
Please read it. The book deserves so much. You deserve so much.
I can't believe I have to wait until NEXT APRIL for the next book. :(

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A photo and a memoir

Happy Hump-day!

Not in a weird way. You know, 'cause it's Wednesday. The middle of the week...like a hump....oookkaaay. Actually though I live in a country where our week is from Sunday to Thursday. So all that TGIF stuff? Yeah, doesn't really apply.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago our English class finished reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I liked the plot, but for me the writing was too descriptive. Maybe the more appropriate title should have been 50 Different Ways to Say "It's Dark". But despite this tiny tiny shortcoming, I did enjoy reading. If your class does not covering, why not read it? After all, it is a classic. And, for some reason, you're supposed to read classics. Maybe it makes you sound smart? ANYWAYS we had to do a creative writing piece in class, and I chose the prompt to write a chapter from Ralph's memoir years later. It was around 700 words, and it's not too shabby, not to toot my own horn or anything :) Here's a piece that was my favourite:
"As I lay hidden in the forest, I simply existed. I was not Ralph, or a boy, or a human. I was a thing, an empty shell waiting to be filled with soul. I was a shield that protected nothing. After Piggy left my world, I did not live like the others – I existed in a state of being. My isolated world lost its colour, its fire, its passion. It lost the reds, the blues, the greens. A spectrum of greys took its place, and I lived among in the in-between, waiting in a situation that was never as simple as black and white."
So yeah. Yay! Hopefully I will get a good grade. And to brighten your day, here's a photo I took a couple months back for my photography class.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello world!


Hi there! I am a young female from a variety of different cultures. To date, I have lived in eight different countries in three continents. I love being exposed to so many different cultures, and it really opens up your life to so many possibilities.

I love to be creative, to do things with my hands, and to create things that I am proud of. On this blog you might see drawings, photos, poems, projects, food, and many others. Don't be surprised if I pick up a new hobby - I tend to do that extremely often.

One of my goals to really develop my own personal voice, and to share my ideas with the world. I am so excited to start posting, and I hope that I will find this another hobby that I can stick to :)

- me