Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I haven't been writing or chatting much, mostly because DW is taking up all my time. Do you know how hard it is to try and catch up on 7 seasons, all while the entire Doctor Who fandom releases spoilers on a daily basis?! Yep, so I just finished the first season. It's been a week since I started, so my pace is not too shabby, I must say. But still, NEED TO WATCH MORE.

Anyways, my sister and I were doing art today, just cause, and I decided to work on some fan art. If you took a look in my sketchbook, you'd mostly see fan art from DOSAB, and a teensy-bit of SP. Since I LOVE Doctor Who, I decided to do some TARDIS fan art.


If you're wondering why it's not blue, it was an attempt to paint a space-like background onto the TARDIS. Eh, it actually turned out better than I expected :) 

Oh and we (my sister and I) just made Oreo cupcakes, I might post some photos of those once I get my hands on them [ssssneaky sisstersss, ssstealing photossss].

Hope you like it! Any feedback would be appreciated!

~ Dau


  1. Cool!
    Now that you explain why it looks like that it's event COOLER!!!
    And your imaged always have some depth and that's a really good thing to have!

    ... and what dose DOSAB stand for?

    1. Thanks so much Misti!!

      Oh DOSAB stands for one of my favourite books, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. (you should read it if you've got time!)