Sunday, June 9, 2013


Uh, so I'm just going to be talking about a bunch of SP photos. Ahem.

This is a meme I made:

Everyone knows that Caelan is OBVIOUSLY Edward Cullen. The resemblance is uncanny. When I realised it, I laughed like a maniac for an hour. "If you cry, will your mascara run?"

NEXT on today's post is merchandise. Unfortunately for me, I have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS WHATSOEVER to any kind of SP merchandise, which sucks. No posters, no bookmarks, nada. 

But I did design my own SP hoodie. Totally making this for when I meet Derek (I don't know when, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN!)

I also just found out that if you invert the colours of the SP logo, it looks like this:

Cool, right?

And finally, look! A watch! Where can I find this? [my watch broke a month ago, I cried]

I've decided that this summer, I will try to make a bunch of SP merchandise, for when I INEVITABLY meet Derek. It's gonna happen. Someday.

That's it for now. WOOHOO! *snugglehugs reader*


  1. !!!!!!!!! dau, thats so cool!!! i love the hoodie... and id never even REALIZED Caelan looks like Edward...