Thursday, August 1, 2013

River Song's TARDIS Diary! + How To!

Hello! Hello! Hello! 

I'm very excited to present to you my newest project: River Song's TARDIS Journal, as first seen in the episode Silence in the Library!

So here's how I did it:

1. I picked out my journal that my lovely sister bought me as a present. It's a very nice journal; it has 365 pages, one for each day of the year, and it's numbered!

2. I measured it and sewed (yes, I know how to sew!) a book cover made out of a cream coloured fabric that I may have... borrowed from my mother....ehehe....moving on....

3. I used this template here (the white bits are the raised bits) and traced and cut them out on cereal box cardboard. I did the same thing for both front and back, but if you wanted to leave the back blank that would work as well.

4. Next, I stuck down the bits of cardboard using superglue, which I promptly got stuck to nearly all my  fingers. I both hate and love superglue. But I really hate getting it stuck to my fingers. *frustrates*

5. It looks pretty messy at this point, but carry on! Then I pulled out my blue acrylic paint and just completely covered the entire journal. Waited for it to dry, and then presto!

Ready to fill with spoilers! I think I may also stain the pages with tea or coffee to make it look nice and old. If I do, I'll post it!

NOTE: If you have fabric glue, USE IT instead of superglue, it's much better. If you have fabric paint, USE IT instead of acrylics, it's much better. I didn't have any, so I had to make do with what I had.

NOTENOTE: This is one of many ways to make this. I combined different techniques that I saw. You could make it out of entirely felt, entirely cloth, entirely cardboard, or even leather if you have it.

Very nice examples:
    • This one has absolutely beautiful pages. It's the best I've seen.
    • Nice step by step.
    • Tutorial is helpful!

And if you want to skip all of this, buy it here!